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What You Need to Know About Outdoor Lighting Projects When You Become an Electrician

July 17, 2018

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The extremes of Canadian weather mean that we are always very keen to make the most of the warm summer months. It’s a time to spend outdoors, whether we’re enjoying food, relaxing in a deckchair or spending some time in the swimming pool.

Even when the sun goes down, the fun doesn’t have to stop if you have suitable lighting installed. Electricians are highly sought after by clients who want to install a professional, long-lasting outdoor project.

These tasks require a bit of additional knowhow to prevent damage from the elements, such as wind, rain or pests. With the right planning and equipment, however, electricians can create a beautiful environment in which to enjoy the summer and fall. Here’s a helpful guide on what to consider.

Homeowners Want Lighting Installed for Lots of Different Outdoor Projects

Outdoor lighting projects are sometimes installed for practical reasons, while other projects focus on creating a more entertaining exterior space. Drive through any North American neighbourhood at nighttime and it’s likely you’ll come across many homes with lighting installed on both sides of the driveway or pedestrian pathway. These projects improve visibility for the home occupants, while also creating an attractive appearance at the front of the house.

electrician certificationOutdoor lighting should be as unobtrusive as possible

Lighting projects become a bit more elaborate at the back of the home, where clients want to enjoy themselves until the late hours. Tradespeople with electrician certification need to be able to install lighting for outdoor kitchens or barbecue pits, decking, or swimming pools. However, they must plan these projects with care to prevent fitting obtrusive lighting that annoys the neighbours. Electricians can interact closely with construction staff to ensure that a suitable lighting layout is developed for large projects.

Electrician College Graduates use a Variety of Lighting Types

Outdoor lighting is usually quite extensive, with lots of different bulbs needed to illuminate the entire area. For that reason, you don’t want to be installing lights that require regular replacement. That’s why LED options have become very popular for homeowners taking on renovation projects.

The retail price of LEDs is higher than a normal bulb, but they last for a lot longer. The light also fades, rather than blowing out entirely, meaning that occupants can spot a necessary replacement just in time.

Solar technology is also continuing to evolve, and solar lights are a great option for the outdoors. There is no need to lay long reels of electrical cable and they are very easy to install and replace. However, the light output is likely to be less reliable than those connected to a central power source.

Smart lights have also become a popular fixture outdoors, and it’s very likely that students will come across them after electrician college. Despite their high cost, homeowners love the practicality of being able to remotely switch the lights on and off, and even adjusting the brightness or colour.

What to Consider During a Simple Outdoor Lighting Installation

Outdoor projects are usually a lot simpler than they look, as long as there is easy access to a power supply. Waterproof and rugged socket outlets on exterior walls are an excellent means of connecting the lighting powerpack to electricity. Ideally, the lighting should be installed in place with appropriate trenches dug in the ground for cabling before the connection is made.

electrician collegeOutdoor sockets may have to be installed to provide a power supply

Once the individual lights and cabling are secured by an electrician, the trenches can be filled in and the power supply switched on. It’s a good idea to check the fittings at night to assess whether the lighting is facing in the most suitable direction. The occupants of the house can then enjoy long evenings in the wonderful summer heat.

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