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What You Should Know About Renovating Farmhouses During Your Career in Home Renovation

June 11, 2019

Farmhouses often have a lot of charm and history, making them an option that many turn to when searching for their dream home. Victorian architecture is common among Ontario farmhouses, which typically feature large porches and plenty of gorgeous details.

Renovation projects undertaken on older houses often require special attention, though—such as taking extra care to pick suitable materials or spotting lead paint. If you’re ever tasked with working on an old farmhouse, keep an eye out for these important points.

Read on to learn how you can best work with farmhouses that have some years behind them!

New Materials Can Be Tricky to Incorporate During Your Career in Home Renovation

For those who pursue a career in home renovation, it’s not uncommon to have a client want to expand the kitchen, redo the floors, or tack on an addition to their house. When working on newer houses, this can be a little easier to do. However, on older farmhouses, the end result could look a little less than ideal. One of the big appeals of a farmhouse is its character. Newer materials might look strange alongside older ones. Sometimes, newer materials might even wear down faster, making the end result look unpleasant just a few years later. That’s why it can be a good idea to take extra care when choosing materials. In addition, taking the time to save an old column or worn floor can often be well worth the effort!

career in home renovation

A rustic look is often part of the charm of farmhouses

Energy Efficiency Is an Important Point to Keep in Mind as a Home Renovator

After graduating from home renovation school, you might come to appreciate just how much of a difference energy-efficient double- or triple-pane windows can make. New windows are known for being able to keep heat (or cold) in, helping to reduce heating or air-conditioning bills.

While the benefits of new and more efficient windows might sound perfect, there are a few drawbacks worth mentioning to clients. For one, newer vinyl windows might not have the same durability as older wooden ones. For another, throwing out old materials also creates waste. Some say that the best approach is simply to weatherize old windows. Others, on the other hand, point out that the benefits of vinyl windows are still pretty substantial and worth the investment. You can explain the pros and cons of each option when discussing energy efficiency with clients, helping them understand which option would work best for their home and budget.

A Home Renovation College Graduate Needs to Be Wary of Lead Paint

Homes built prior to 1960 may have lead paint on the walls. A trouble spot for lead paint is around windows, as the paint is more likely to flake as they are opened and closed. When inhaled, these paint particles can cause lead poisoning, which is a dangerous issue, in particular for children and pregnant women. Health Canada says that sometimes, the safer choice is to leave the paint where it is instead of removing it (which would have to be done by toxic substance professionals).

home renovation college

Older houses may have lead paint

If you work in a home with potentially lead-based paint, look out for both your own safety and the homeowner’s, and be gentle with any painted items you handle, for example an old door you are helping to remove.

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