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Savvy Safety Tips to Keep in Mind at Electrician School

October 17, 2017

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When working with electricity, safety is essential. Not following proper safety practices can increase the risk of suffering burns, shock, electrocution, or a fall. While you’ll learn industry safety protocols during your electrician program, it’s good to have a general idea of these precautions before you start your training. You can also share these tips with your clients once you begin your career as an electrician!

If you’re considering enrolling in electrician school, read on to discover five things that will help keep you, your classmates, and your customers safe during your electrician training and beyond.

Disconnect Power Sources Before You Begin Working

If you’ve ever changed a light bulb before, you know that you’re supposed to turn off the light before you swap out the old light bulb for a new one. The same rules apply when it comes to all of the electrical devices you’ll encounter during electrician school.

Before performing any electrical work, make sure to disconnect the power source. This will ensure that there’s no electrical current present that could harm you if you were to come into contact with it.

Make Sure to Wear the Proper Safety Gear During Electrician School

Despite all the safety precautions you take, accidents can still happen, which is why wearing the proper electrical safety gear is essential. The human body is a conductor for electricity, so it’s essential that you wear nonconductive gloves and boots that will help stop an electrical current from making its way from an electric source into your body.

In addition, you should also wear protective clothing with long sleeves and eye protection, as electrical discharges are quite hot and can cause burns to exposed skin, while also posing a risk to your eyes.

become an electrician-1.jpgMake sure to wear all the proper safety equipment when performing electrical work

Avoid Wearing Any Metal Jewellery When Working with Electricity

When working with electricity, you should never wear anything that’s made of a conductive material, such as metal jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, watches, or rings. In addition, you should always avoid keeping conductive items, like a metal key chain or wallet with a metal cash clip, in your pocket. It’s safer to keep these items at home or swap them out for non-conductive material instead.

Professionals with Electrician Certification Always Avoid Water and Moisture

It’s no secret that water and electricity don’t mix. During your electrician certificationprogram, you should always be aware of any moisture or water in your work space. Never work when there are puddles of liquid on the floor, and make sure your hands and clothing are completely dry before working with electrical currents. In addition, be aware when working in hot environments, as your body’s perspiration could pose a safety risk as well.

Treat All Electrical Devices as if They are Energized

When it comes to electrical hazards, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Even if you think an electrical device that you’re working with has been turned off and is no longer conducting electricity, you should treat it like it could be energized. This means using the proper steps and procedures and wearing the proper safety equipment.

electrician certification.jpgTreat electrical devices as if they are energized to be on the safe side

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