Looking for a New Career Path? Why Now is The Time to Become a Welder

October 03, 2017

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Whether you’re transitioning from a completely different field or starting your very first career out of high school, becoming a welder will open up a world of opportunities.

Not only does a career in the trades allow you to do something you enjoy working with your hands, it also provides opportunities for advancement, an excellent salary, and flexibility to choose the direction of your career.

If you’re interested in becoming a welder, read on to learn why it has never been a better time to begin working towards your career goals.

Demand for Welders Across Canada is Growing

As the previous generation of welders retire and Canada’s economy sees improvement, skilled and experienced trade workers, including welders, are increasingly in demand. The industry needs excited, hard-working and talented young professionals to fill job openings and contribute to many of Canada’s growing sectors.

In fact, the Government of Canada predicts 30,800 new welding-related careers to become available by 2024, and only 30,300 job seekers to enter the market. This means that there will be more welding positions available than workers, which is great news for anyone looking to begin their career.

Top Welding Technician Colleges Are Accepting New Students All the Time

In order to begin your career as a welder, you’ll need to take welding courses, which will teach you about proper safety precautions, welding techniques, and more. In addition, by completing a training program, you‘ll earn an employer-recognized CWB Certificate, so you can join the ranks of other welders in the Canadian Welding Bureau.

The good news is that trades schools like NATS offer continuous rolling start dates, which means you can get started working towards your future career as soon as possible.

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NATS offers rolling start dates, so students can begin training for your career right away

Graduates of Welding Courses Can Look Forward to a Stable, Lucrative Career

Welding careers can offer lucrative salaries, especially as you move up the ranks, as well as plenty of opportunities for growth and development. If you have big goals for your career, it’s best to get moving right away. Enrolling in a welding program will allow you to get the training you need quickly and efficiently, so you can break into the industry and start gaining the experience to work towards advancing in your career.

Welders Can Work in a Variety of Interesting Industries

Another fantastic reason to become a welder is the wealth of opportunities available to you upon graduation. Not only can you continue to hone your skills to specialize in different areas of welding, you can also work in many different dynamic industries.

In Canada, oil and gas is just one common sector you could work in. However, you could also work in transportation, the auto industry, manufacturing, or construction, to name just a few of the diverse industries that need trained welding professionals.

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Welders can work in a variety of interesting industries and workplace environments

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