Interesting Career Opportunities for Grads of Cabinet Making Courses

November 07, 2017

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If you have a knack for hands-on work and want a career in which you can complete interesting, high quality projects for a wide variety of clients, then a cabinetmaking program could be exactly what you are looking for.

Skilled cabinetmakers are often in demand in many different settings, meaning there is a whole host of career options available for those who learn the trade. Keep reading to learn more about the many doors that will open to you when you graduate from cabinetmaking courses.

Take the Entrepreneurial Route After Cabinetmaking Courses

One popular career route taken by many individuals with cabinetmaker training is to start their own small business offering cabinetmaking services. This option may be especially appealing if you enjoy the freedom of being your own boss, would like to establish and work from a home shop, or if you already have a strong network in your community from which you could draw potential clients.

cabinet making courses.jpg Hands-on cabinetmaker training can help you launch your own successful business

As a self-employed cabinet maker, you could work for a wide range of client types. Luxury home contractors, architects, interior designers, and even individual homeowners may contract your services, and running your own business will give you the chance to serve as wide or as specialized a range of clientele as you would like.

Produce Beautiful Custom Woodwork With Your Cabinetmaking Skills

If you have a more creative side that you want to be able to express in your career, the intricate, detailed pieces produced by custom woodworkers might just be the perfect application of the skills you learn in cabinetmaking courses.

Using a range of different woodworking machinery, these professionals construct striking and detailed custom cabinets and other types of wood furniture. Like regular cabinetmakers, custom woodworkers can find different types of employment, whether they want to work for a larger company or set up their own shop. As a custom woodworker, you will have the power to not only provide your clients with great furniture, but unique pieces that will really stand out and help you build a positive reputation.

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Custom woodworkers provide their clients with unique, detailed products

Use Your Cabinetmaking Training to Get Into Renovations and Remodeling

One particularly interesting path for an individual with cabinetmaking training is to use their skills to pursue renovation and remodeling work. Many cabinetmakers, cabinet installers, and custom woodworkers will do work as part of renovation jobs, and focusing specifically on this niche is a great way for you to improve your chances of connecting with potential clients.

For example, homeowners who want to improve their property, whether to sell it for a better price or to increase their own quality of life, will often pursue kitchen renovations. You can use your expertise in kitchen installation and cabinetmaking to help them renew their homes with impeccable fixtures and beautiful custom woodwork.  This type of work will give you plenty of opportunities to let your cabinetmaking abilities shine and to gain satisfied clients.

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