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How Top Colleges Smooth the Transition from High School to Maintenance Electrician Training

September 19, 2017

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For new high school graduates, deciding to go to college for career training can be both exciting and stressful. Setting off on your own to work toward your career goals can give you a real sense of independence, but you may also be concerned about succeeding in your education.

Fortunately, the best career colleges offer many resources and support systems to help ease the transition from high school into career training programs for students. North American Trade Schools (NATS) is no exception – keep reading to learn more about how we can make your progression to career college life smooth sailing!

Financial Aid Makes Maintenance Electrician Training Accessible to Grads

Postsecondary education is well worth the investment, as it gives you the qualifications you need to embark on a more lucrative career path. However, getting your finances in order can be daunting, especially if you are not familiar with the options available to you.

Fortunately, career colleges like NATS support a wide range of financing options, including OSAP, out of province loans, student lines of credit, Employment Ontario benefits, and monthly payment plans. Not sure which of these you need? Not to worry! The NATS admissions team is dedicated to helping students understand what they are eligible for, and to choose the resources that best align with their current needs and long-term goals.

A Close-Knit Career College Community Helps You Learn More Effectively

Leaving high school doesn’t have to mean leaving behind a regular social network. When you begin your maintenance electrician training at NATS, for instance, you will receive high quality support in a tight-knit community that makes the transition from high school a natural one.

The college has a range of extracurricular activities to help you build a new social and professional network that will ensure you are comfortable and engaged throughout your career training. For instance, the Student Ambassador program allows students to engage more closely with the school and their peers, and barbecue and raffle events throughout the year also help to build a supportive community.

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NATS community makes it easy to develop the professional skills you need to join the workforce

This is further amplified by small class sizes, which ensure that students receive the close individual attention they need from instructors, while also making it easier for them to get to know their classmates.

A Top College Can Guide You Toward a Successful Maintenance Electrician Career

Finally, even if you have little experience on the job market or are unsure of how to market your new qualifications to potential employers, top schools like NATS have you covered. All students undergo comprehensive training to help them start an electrician career in construction, including mock interviews and job search workshops. Guided by the career services team, this training helps students gain the polish they need to succeed in the work environment after they graduate, regardless of their experience.

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The NATS team has years of experience preparing students for successful job interviews

Your time at college can also help you kick-start your professional network. Employers seeking qualified electricians contact NATS on a regular basis seeking grads to fill positions, and the school is in an excellent position to point you toward potential employers. Ultimately, pursuing career training after high school is an excellent way for you to not only gain the hard technical skills you will need in your day-to-day work, but also the soft skills and connections that will help you land a job in the first place.

Ready to make the career college leap after high school?

Contact NATS to find out how our programs can help you become a construction electrician.

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