How to Connect With Clients After Finishing Your HVAC Diploma

October 24, 2017

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HVAC professionals, along with others who work in people’s homes, understand that some clients feel a level of stress and worry when engaging their services. Horror stories about home “improvement” gone wrong abound, and the emotional stakes are high when you need to live with the work that has been done.

Connecting with clients is an important route to establishing trust, building good relationships, and possibly getting regular business from members of your community. Through a few key strategies, it’s possible for you to make great connections and develop a top-class reputation.

Curious about how you can do so? Here are a few useful strategies to help you connect with clients after finishing HVAC training.

Acquire the Resources You Need to Connect With All Kinds of Clients

Professionals working in HVAC services occupy an interesting territory, in that people of all ages and walks of life could conceivably be customers — everybody likes good heating and cooling in their home. This means that in your future career, your clients might be young and tech-savvy, or they might be a bit older and less comfortable with computers and the internet. Most likely, your client roster will be a mix of both.

In order to connect with all age demographics, it’s important to acquire a few of the most common tools for communication. If you are self-employed, creating a website for yourself and your business is important, and something you should make an effort to do early on. Business cards are also critical. They can help you connect with older demographics, and are also useful for pointing younger potential clients toward your web presence.

Resources such as these are not particularly expensive to acquire, so there’s no reason not to do so after completing your HVAC technician courses. They are an investment in yourself that can quickly pay off.

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Business cards are an effective tool, so be sure to get some when you start your HVAC career

When You Become an HVAC Technician, Be a Friendly & Open Communicator

One of the simplest tips for client relations is also one of the most critical: be friendly. Clients will be more receptive to you, and more likely to recommend you to friends or relatives, if they find you polite and pleasant to be around. Be quick with a smile, make sure your manners are exceptionally polished, and you will please most of the people you meet.

It is also important to be open and honest with clients. In the course of doing HVAC work, you may find that clients have questions that are difficult to answer, or that an accident – perhaps coolant is leaking – must be brought to their attention. Being direct and honest can help you establish yourself as the kind of person clients will want to deal with.

Pursuing your HVAC diploma at a school like North American Trade Schools will allow you to learn from experienced professionals who know a thing or two about client relations. Pick their brains for some insight from their years of industry work and you could get some valuable tips about the best ways to maintain open communication around difficult subjects — a valuable skill to bring to your career.

A Good HVAC Technician Responds to Compliments & Complaints Alike

It isn’t the best idea to focus on good comments and ignore the bad when working as an HVAC professional. If a client isn’t totally satisfied with their heating or air conditioning, it’s likely that they will let people know it, potentially denying you more connections and opportunities in the future. Reach out to people who are complaining, offer a quick apology, and attempt to correct the problem. This can often be enough to turn a complaint into a compliment about your exceptional customer service.

As a rule, it’s also a good idea to consider complaints and see if they point to something that you can change to improve your service going forward. Sometimes, a complaint might even result from a misunderstanding, and a quick conversation can set everything right.

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Handling complaints well can help set upset customers at ease

Of course, it’s important to handle compliments properly, too. When clients offer you praise, be sure to thank them for their business, and state your interest in working with them again if ever the opportunity arises. You might consider taking this a step further and send them a written note thanking them for their business, and tell them to contact you if they have any questions or comments. This can go a long way to making clients feel extra special, and likely to recommend your services in future.

Do you want to become an HVAC technician who is well-liked and talented?

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