How to Build a Strong Professional Network During Your Welding Technician Training

August 07, 2018

welding technician training

Everybody needs help when trying to start their career, so don’t ever be afraid to ask for it. Connections are essential in the workplace. They help people to find new clients and maintain positive relationships with existing ones.

While welding is a much more technical, hands-on role, professionals in this industry must also make sure to dedicate time to developing business relationships. A highly skilled welder won’t fulfil their potential if they aren’t able to grasp job opportunities while interacting with experienced professionals.

Building and maintaining a strong professional network is just a matter of developing a few good habits. Here’s a helpful guide on how to go about it properly.

Focus on the Right People for an Effective Business Network

We meet lots of different people on any given day, but only a small percentage should actually be nurtured as business connections. Welding technician training develops the skills to prosper in a range of different working environments, where graduates will be working alongside a variety of other tradespeople. Welders should therefore always keep an eye out for construction, HVAC technicians, electricians and other professionals. These people may require welding expertise as part of larger projects in future, so make sure they know your name.

In addition, you can also pinpoint approachable welding professionals in your locality to reach out to for advice and opportunities. This can be done by attending union or association meetings to bump into members, or inquiring about former students who have entered the trade while at college.

become production welderMake a memorable impression on professionals you meet

Make a Good Impression Through Social Media After You Become a Production Welder

There’s a fine line between being persistent and being annoying, but you must try to remain in touch with your professional network consistently once the first lines of contact have been established. They should know how to get in contact with you, whether it’s a phone number, e-mail address or social media account. You could make it even easier for them by printing the necessary details on a business card and distributing them to trade professionals.

Internet channels, and social media in particular, have become crucial avenues for tradespeople to connect. As social media is a public forum, make sure you strike a professional tone in your interactions. Keep your professional details up to date, and use your account to keep in touch with those in your business network.

Use Initiative to Meet People and Find out More About the Welding Trade

Whether it’s your classmates, professionals, or your instructors, it’s also vital that you get some face-to-face time with other members of your business network while undertaking welding classes. You could organize to meet them for lunch or coffee to discuss some of the finer points of a welding career, and how to generate valuable business leads. Once they see your enthusiasm for the trade, they will be much more likely to recommend you to their colleagues when a vacancy arises or a welding task pops up.

welding classesMeet with welding professionals to learn more about the trade

You could also show some initiative by organizing to job shadow with a tradesperson, and you’ll quickly develop your skills further. You’ll likely meet many other professionals during a regular day on the job, thereby offering more opportunities to extend your professional network further.

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