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House Rewiring After Electrician Training: When Is It The Right Option?

May 25, 2018

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Modern households rely on the plug socket much more than in recent decades. Consider the phones, the large televisions, kitchen equipment, broadband routers, and many other things that are constantly plugged in throughout the average home. All of these devices require a vast amount of electricity to function, thus putting a tremendous strain on the wiring infrastructure of a house.

New homes are usually constructed to run on close to 200 amps, which is sufficient to deal with current electricity demand. Older houses could run on as little as 60 amps, which is well below the requirements of a modern household. House rewiring is a means of upgrading this infrastructure, and it’s a common feature of an electrician’s working life. Read on to take a closer look at what it involves.

The Signs that House Rewiring is Needed

Homeowners may spot particular problems with the electrical system, and need professionals with an electrician diploma to diagnose whether rewiring is the correct course of action to take. House lights are one of the easiest ways to spot a problem. Regular flickering or dimming of the bulbs means that the electricity system is under strain. Burning smells and excessive warmth on light switches are also worrying signs which need to be remedied.

Breaker panels are hubs which distribute power around the home, and they also hold tell-tale signs. A circuit overload occurs when too many heavy consumption devices are using electricity on the same circuit, causing breakers to trip. Rewiring allows the breaker panel to deal with electricity demand more effectively.

become a maintenance electrician-3Tripping breakers are a sign that electrical circuits are overloaded

Aluminum wiring is also a source of concern for many electricians. This was commonly used in houses in the 60s and 70s, but is now seen as a safety hazard. Modernizing the wiring is a good opportunity to remove the potential for such danger in a household.

Electrician Training Teaches Students How to Rewire Correctly

Once it has been determined that a partial or full rewiring job is required, check whether building permits are needed for particularly big projects. When you have the go-ahead to start, turn off the electrical power in the house and make sure to wear high quality protective eyewear.

Rewiring should take place before any plastering, because channels may need to be routed in the walls to create new sockets or light switches. Once a malfunctioning wire has been located between the breaker panel and the desired location, carve a route to thread new wiring between the two locations. Leave behind 7-8 inches of additional wiring to complete the connection in the breaker panel at a later stage. The old wires can then be cut from the breaker box.

This process is then repeated numerous times depending on the scale of the job, before the circuit is finished, and connections are made to the breaker panel. A brand new breaker panel is also often recommended to increase the household’s amp capability.

The Importance of Carrying Out a Thorough Rewiring Job

Rewiring individual rooms, such as a kitchen, usually takes around two days. Small full-home projects take around four days to fully complete, while larger houses take even longer. Patience is vital when you become a maintenance electrician, because rewiring is a comprehensive task with long-term benefits.

Keep in mind that electricity demand in a house could potentially increase further, so future proofing is important. Consider whether the homeowner is likely to install more energy sapping equipment, and cater for that demand too. This will prevent the need for recurring rewiring jobs, and ensure client satisfaction as a result.

electrician training-2Cater for possible increases in future electricity use

Electrician training provides the skills to help modernize homes.

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