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Home Renovation Technician Training Program – Program Overview Dino

April 15, 2017

Dino is a Home Renovation Technician instructor at the London campus of North American Trade Schools. In this video, he talks about the Home Renovation Technician program and also the Construction industry as a profession.



“A Home Renovation Technician is a person who renovates homes. It can include anything from putting an addition to a house, re-doing a floor in the house, installing windows are doors, finishing an unfinished basement and building a recreation room.

As a Home Renovation Technician, you have the ability to specialize in certain fields or you can become multi-faceted in with the ability to do mutliple tasks.

Charactertistics of a good Home Renovation Technician include strong math skills as you would be required to do a number of tasks that require measuring and cutting. Additionally, excellent communication skills are required due to the amount of work that you would be required to do in a team setting with other trades workers.

North American Trade Schools training includes the ability to learn and use a number of different tools and materials that are needed for each individual job and project. It also includes a solid foundation in learning building codes.

In addition to the hands-on training that is provided, North American Trade Schools instructors are licensed carpenters, plumbers and electricians. The instructors teach their real-world experience to students with the goal of passing on all of their knowledge and expertise in their respective fields.”




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