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The Welding Technology program at North American Trade Schools at the London and Brampton campuses provides technical training for individuals looking for a rewarding career working in the Welding field.

Students who complete the welder training program and pass the practical welding tests will receive an industry recognized CWB Certificate or Achievement and will be able to join the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) Trade Association. Students will also have the opportunity to obtain CWB certificates in welding theory for each CWB Module they pass.


What career opportunities are available to graduates of the Welding Technology Program?

  • Welder Technician
  • Electric Arc Welder
  • Gas Shield Arc Welder
  • Welder Apprentice
  • Production Welder


A Welder is a person who is trained to weld together metals and piping using arc welding and brazing.

Welders install maintain and repair structural and piping systems in every environment.

Welders are people who are good with their hands, problem solvers, mechanically inclined and they learn how to read blueprints and specifications.

To become a good welder, you need to enroll in a certified program like the one at North American Trade Schools.

Welders need to be certified with the CWB (Canadian Welding Buearu) and the TSSA (Technical Standards & Safety Authority).

The demand for certified welders in Canada is projected to increase annually for the foreseeable future.


Where do graduates of the Welding Technology work?

  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Residential Service Companies
  • Engineering firms/Consulting Companies
  • Private Contracting Companies
  • Regions and Municipalities


What are common job tasks for individuals working in the Welding Technology field?

  • Analyze engineering drawings and blueprints to plan layout, assembly and welding operations.
  • Positions and secures welding parts according to specifications.
  • Welds components using electric, gas arc or other welding equipment.
  • Welds components in flat, vertical or overhead positions.
  • Observes and tests welded surfaces to evaluate the weld quality.
  • Install and repair equipment such as pipes, vales, floors and tank linings.


I chose North American Trade Schools because I wanted something that was reliable and comfortable with people that are approachable that teach at the best level that they can.

My favourite thing about the campus was the knowledge of the teachers and how much practical work we were able to do.

I chose welding because I did it in high school and I am a bit of an artist. I wanted more knowledge and practically for the future.

I found it very easy to make friends and contacts at the campus. Everyone here is super approachable and I really have no problems. I come back and everyone here is really nice.

My family has been incredibly supportive of me coming to school here at North American Trade Schools, as well as graduating. There are really proud, and I am proud too.

North American Trade Schools means support, family, reliable, education, fun and just all around a good time.


How can the career services department help you get a job?

North American Trade Schools offers an extensive career services department with a representative assisting you to become a better job candidate from the moment you begin your program. Your career services representative will help you improve your resume, develop interview skills and guide you through the job search process.

Taking the Welding Technology program at North American Trade Schools enables students to learn the technical skills required in the Welding Technology field at a much faster pace than if they were learning through on the job training. Graduates learn a diverse skill set which will not only help them gain employment, but excel in their new profession.

North American Trade Schools also provides an employment advantage as we have established relationships with many employers in the field. As a result, employers in the field contact us before posting jobs to the general public giving current students and graduates of the program an advantage in the hiring process.

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