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Medix Online provides package options for students looking to take more than one Medix Online course. Students are able to take advantage of a special discount of $75 /course by registering for 2 courses at the same time. The courses need not be done simultaneously but can be completed one after the other as long as the courses are finished within the one year activation period.


Some of our popular Special Package courses are

  • Medical Terminology and Medical Transcription - $749
  • Medical Terminology and Anatomy & Physiology - $749
  • Medical Terminology and Medical Billing (OHIP) - $749
  • Medical Billing (OHIP) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - $749
  • Medical Billing (OHIP) and Medical Transcription - $749

Don’t see a package you are looking for? Please contact us directly for availability and pricing.

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