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Solar Energy Technician Training



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The Solar Energy Technician program at North American Trade Schools at the London and Brampton campuses provides technical training for individuals looking for a rewarding career in the emerging Solar Energy field. The curriculum is designed to provide classroom and lab training in in the Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal fields.

Students will have the opportunity to earn their North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Associate Program.


What career opportunities are available to graduates of the Solar Energy Technician Program?

  • Solar Energy Maintenance Technicians
  • Solar Energy Installers
  • Solar Assembler
  • Solar PV Designer
  • Solar PV Sales Professional


A Solar Energy Technician Is a certified technician who is qualified to work in the solar energy industry.

Solar Energy Technicians install, maintain, and trouble-shoot solar equipment.

Solar Energy Technicians are people who are good with their hands and have a desire to learn about and work in the solar energy industry.

A good place to start is in an accredited program like the one at North American Trade Schools.

Solar Energy Technicians should be certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) through their Entry Level Solar Certification. At the end of the Solar Energy Program at North American Trade Schools, you will write the entry level NABCAEP certification exam.

Graduates from the North American Trade Schools Solar Energy Technician Program will have a lot of different career opportunities. These opportunities include working in both the residential and commercial sides of system design, sales and installations.


Where do graduates of the Solar Energy Technician work?

  • Solar Energy Companies
  • Energy Services Companies
  • Governments and Municipalities
  • Energy Consultant Companies
  • Contracting Companies


What are common job tasks for individuals working in the Solar Energy Technician field?

  • Assemble solar panels using hand tools.
  • Install, repair, upgrade panels according to work specifications.
  • Testing and troubleshooting of solar panels and other electrical equipment.
  • Perform field service work and maintenance on solar panels.


My name is Nathan and I am studying the Solar Technician program here at NATS.

I choose NATS because it was a six month program (relatively short program) and by the end of the program I would be getting a certification where I can use in the field.

What I enjoy most about the program is that it is basically a giant lab, we come in and learn the theory behind it and learn all the hands on stuff here at the school. Learning how to install, troubleshoot, how to do things efficiently and properly.

I see myself in 5 years as a project manager in a large solar installment or farm. Getting all of the guys to put up the farm and run all of the cable.

What I like most about the instructors is that they are very intuitive, they listen to us for what we have to say (for our input). If we have any ideas, they let us run with it.

My family has always been a firm believer in education, furthering my education whether in the trade or elsewhere (they are full supporters of that). If someone is undecided about coming to NATS then I would tell them to investigate what they really want to do and what they want to obtain out of their education.


How can the career services department help you get a job?

North American Trade Schools offers an extensive career services department with a representative assisting you to become a better job candidate from the moment you begin your program. Your career services representative will help you improve your resume, develop interview skills and guide you through the job search process.

Taking the Solar Energy Technician program at North American Trade Schools enables students to learn the technical skills required in the Solar Energy Technician field at a much faster pace than if they were learning through on the job training. Graduates learn a diverse skill set which will not only help them gain employment, but excel in their new profession.

North American Trade Schools also provides an employment advantage as we have established relationships with many employers in the field. As a result, employers in the field contact us before posting jobs to the general public giving current students and graduates of the program an advantage in the hiring process.

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