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These courses will introduce students to the fundamentals of various Microsoft Office programs such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Outlook, MS SharePoint and MS Project.. Whether you are new to Microsoft Office 2013, want to enhance your existing skills, or plan to get certified, there is a structured learning roadmap to meet your needs. Upon completion of the program(s), students will become more proficient in using these software suites within a professional setting.


Duration: 1 year activation period from registration date.

Key Features of this course

  • Structured Learning Roadmaps – There are roadmaps to follow for students of all skill levels.
  • Resources for all levels of Office 2013 users ranging from beginner to intermediate— to advanced. This includes access to Videos, books, virtual practice labs and mentors
  • Practice Labs - contain challenging and engaging simulations and exercises.
  • Connect with Experts - Need expert advice or exam tips? Students can email or chat directly with professionals in the expert center.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the premier word processor. It enables users to create and edit documents. The program offers enhanced word processing features such as templates, formatting, macros and more. 

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is an advanced spreadsheet application that has become industry standard. The program features advanced capabilities such as formulas, graphing tools, pivot tables and various formatting capabilities. 

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Powerpoint is a slideshow presentation application that enables users to create and edit slides. Users are able to create customized slides using advanced formatting features to create a professional presentation.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an email client used mainly to send and receive electronic mail. The software also includes a calendar feature, task manager, contact manager, notes and more. 

Other software that is included in this Microsoft Application programs are:

Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Project

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