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The Home Renovation Technician program at North American Trade Schools at the London and Brampton campuses provides technical training for individuals looking for a rewarding career in the home renovation field.

The curriculum is designed to provide classroom and lab training in the residential and commercial construction and renovation fields.


What career opportunities are available to graduates of the Home Renovation Technician Program?

  • Carpenter’s Assistant
  • Aluminum/vinyl Siding Installer
  • Construction Worker
  • Building Maintenance
  • Roofing Assistant
  • Plumbing Apprenticeships
  • Carpentry Apprenticeships


A Home Renovation Technician is a person who renovates homes. It can include anything from putting an addition to a house, re-doing a floor in the house, installing windows are doors, finishing an unfinished basement and building a recreation room.

As a Home Renovation Technician, you have the ability to specialize in certain fields or you can become multi-faceted in with the ability to do mutliple tasks.

Charactertistics of a good Home Renovation Technician include strong math skills as you would be required to do a number of tasks that require measuring and cutting. Additionally, excellent communication skills are required due to the amount of work that you would be required to do in a team setting with other trades workers.

North American Trade Schools training includes the ability to learn and use a number of different tools and materials that are needed for each individual job and project. It also includes a solid foundation in learning building codes.

In addition to the hands-on training that is provided, North American Trade Schools instructors are licensed carpenters, plumbers and electricians. The instructors teach their real-world experience to students with the goal of passing on all of their knowledge and expertise in their respective fields.


Where do graduates of the Home Renovation Technician work?

  • Various Construction Companies
  • Plumbing Companies
  • Roofing Companies
  • Residential Renovation Companies
  • Home Restoration Companies


What are common job tasks for individuals working in the Home Renovation Technician field?

  • Install walls, partitions, drywall, decks and fences.
  • Assist in inspecting, testing and adjusting electronic components.
  • Read and interpret blueprints, drawings and specifications.
  • Install and repair exterior finishes and shingles.


I am taking HRT (Home Renovation Technician) at NATS. We are learning everything from plumbing, to electrical, to drywall and flooring.

I was looking at HVAC and HRT (Home Renovation Technician) and I wasn't sure which one I wanted to get into. HVAC was more gas, heating and cooling. However HRT had more options to get into, we can be carpenters, we can do framing for houses, or we can be stairs.

I chose North American Trade Schools because I came and visited the school and did the tour and everyone was so welcoming.

The teachers were great, there are all there to help me, they helped me through the process of getting in. It doesn't matter if it's my teacher or another teacher, they are all there to help. If I have a question, I can just go and ask them. If I am doing something at my house and I need to know questions about my furnace, I can go ask the teachers and students and they are willing to help me.

I really enjoy carpentry work and building houses. As long as I am in this field, I am going to be really happy.

North American Trade Schools means an opportunity to better myself. I can get a better education, I am going to get a better job and a better future for myself


How can the career services department help you get a job?

North American Trade Schools offers an extensive career services department with a representative assisting you to become a better job candidate from the moment you begin your program. Your career services representative will help you improve your resume, develop interview skills and guide you through the job search process.

Taking the Home Renovation Technician program at North American Trade Schools enables students to learn the technical skills required in the Home Renovation Technician field at a much faster pace than if they were learning through on the job training. Graduates learn a diverse skill set which will not only help them gain employment, but excel in their new profession.

North American Trade Schools also provides an employment advantage as we have established relationships with many employers in the field. As a result, employers in the field contact us before posting jobs to the general public giving current students and graduates of the program an advantage in the hiring process.

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