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Dental Terminology

Dental Terminology



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Course Description

This course is intended specifically for students who will be required to have a working knowledge of dental vocabulary. The modular approach ensures that students learn and comprehend the language of dentistry on a much deeper level and build a solid foundation for clinical competence. The innovative and interactive approach goes beyond simple memorization and encourages students to read, speak, and use terms in context. Twenty online modules cover the gamut of modern dental care – from an introduction to basic word structure to the language of basic sciences, infection control, dental instruments and equipment, radiographic imaging, dental materials, and an overview of general and specialty dentistry.


Prerequisite: None
Duration: 60 hours/12 weeks
Cost: $450 (Introductory price of $399)
A great advantage of Medix Online is that you can complete our programs quickly and at your own pace.

Course Schedule

Dental Terminology Online modules include:

Module 1: Introduction to Dental Terminology
Module 2: General Anatomy and Physiology
Module 3: Oral Embryology and Histology
Module 4: Head and Neck Anatomy
Module 5: Dentitions and Tooth Morphology
Module 6: Infection Control
Module 7: The Dental Record
Module 8: Dental Instrumentation and Equipment
Module 9: Pain Control
Module 10: Radiographic Imaging
Module 11: Dental Materials
Module 12: Tooth Restorations (General Dentistry Procedures)
Module 13: Prosthodontics
Module 14: Endodontics
Module 15: Periodontics
Module 16: Orthodontics
Module 17: Esthetic Denistry
Module 18: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Module 19: Pediatric Dentistry
Module 20: The Dental Business Office

Assessments: End of Module Exams

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