Postpartum Doula Workshop

Workshop Objective

The objective of the Postpartum Doula Training workshop is to learn the basics of Postpartum Doula work. This workshop is one step towards Postpartum Doula Certification through Childbirth And Postpartum Professionals Association (CAPPA). You can begin working as a doula immediately after the workshop.

Topics include:

  • Practical application of Scope of Practice, ethics, and integrity
  • Listening and Communicahydroxycuttion Skills
  • The Postpartum Doula as Educator
  • Emotional and Physical Support of the Postpartum parent
  • Postpartum Mood Disorders
  • Baby care techniques
  • Calming and soothing techniques
  • SIDS and Safe Sleep
  • The New Baby and the Family
  • Skills for Special Circumstances
  • Calming and soothing techniques
  • Grief/Loss Support
  • Business development, marketing, and networking to create a successful career
  • And much more!

Course Prerequisite

  • Completion of a small Pre-Training Assignment you receive after registering

Course Duration and Schedule

    • Friday & Saturday 8 hours, Sunday 5 hours. (1 hour lunch break each day)


  • Next Scheduled Session: Friday April 7 – Sunday April 9


  • $550.00 (or $450.00 if you are a current Medix student)
    • 18-hour training
    • Course training materials
    • Certificate of completion


Steps to Certification

While it’s not required to become certified to work as a doula, many trained doulas choose to become certified to show expectant parents and professionals that they have met a high international standard. CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association) is an international certification organization for Doulas, Childbirth Educators, and Lactation Educators that has been training and certifying perinatal professionals since 1998. If you choose to certify, here are the steps to complete your CAPPA certification:

  • 1. CAPPA certification candidates must be at least 18 years of age. No person under 18 years of age may attend CAPPA training classes.
  • 2. Be a member of CAPPA.
  • 3. Enroll in the Postpartum Doula Traditional Course in CAPPA Academy.
  • 4. Attend a CAPPA Postpartum Doula training class, such as the Medix Training listed above.
  • 5. Read the CAPPA Postpartum Doula training manual and the required books from the CAPPA required reading list.
  • 6. Complete Part I of the HUG Your Baby Training.
  • 7. Order, read, and watch the video clips from the Mother and Baby Care bookletavailable in the CAPPA shop. Details/forms are provided within CAPPA Academy.
  • 8. Proof of current infant and child CPR certification through the Red Cross or equivalent.
  • 9. Submit three evaluations from postpartum doula clients. Details/forms are provided within CAPPA Academy.
  • 10. Two letters of recommendation from professionals. Details are provided within CAPPA Academy.
  • 11. Order, read, and complete all online content, including videos, from the Understanding Breastfeeding Book, available in the CAPPA shop. Details/forms are provided within CAPPA Academy.
  • 12. Create a resource list with information on local support for parents. A guide for creating this list is included within CAPPA Academy.
  • 13. In order for candidates to be eligible for CAPPA certification they must sign and agree to the following forms: Code of Conduct and Social Media Policy, Grievance Policy, Mission Statement, CAPPA Approach / Philosophy Statement, Vision Statement, and Scope of Practice.
  • 14. Pass the multiple choice exam and essays in CAPPA Academy. An 85% passing grade is required.
  • 15. Please view all of CAPPA’s Policies and Procedures.

(Medix College reserves the right to update course content without notice; hours if listed are approximations only)