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2017’s Top Handy Apps for Students in Construction School

October 31, 2017

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The use of professional apps in increasing efficiency and overcoming workplace headaches is now common in many businesses, and this is increasingly the case in the construction and maintenance sector.

As these apps become more and more integrated into the modern work site, they will become increasingly relevant to aspiring construction and maintenance electricians as they progress towards full-time work. With the explosion of new apps showing no signs of slowing down any time soon, how do we sort the good from the bad when it comes to finding the handiest (not to mention most reliable) apps?

Keep reading for a list of some of the most useful apps that students in construction school can download, try out, and potentially add to their cell phone or tablet toolkit.

DeWalt Mobile Pro – A Great All-Rounder for a Career in Construction

career in construction-1.jpgEvery construction and maintenance worker needs a dependable and versatile calculation tool

It’s hard to find a role in construction and maintenance that doesn’t require some number crunching or on-the-fly math. It’s just part of the job. The DeWalt Mobile Pro is a solid choice for students looking for a flexible construction calculation app.

The app comes pre-loaded with functions that are commonly used in the sector, and includes useful trade-specific features, including some specifically for electricians. It also allows you to review previous calculations and share them via email. For students, having a single app for all your calculating needs like DeWalt Mobile Pro means less errors in your work and more time saved during your studies and beyond.

PlanGrid – Get a Taste of Project Planning in Construction School

It’s never too early to get familiar with project planning applications. PlanGrid is a popular construction planning app which is designed as a centralized way for everyone on a team to access key building information, including plans, schematics, and the latest updates.

The app backs up all data securely and has several useful functions, including the ability to share images from any device. Once you have graduated from construction school, this is exactly the kind of paper-saving tool you will encounter on large-scale jobs, so getting familiar with it sooner rather than later is recommended.

You can see a demo of the app here:

TimeSheet Mobile – Mastering Your Time Management

More and more sites are using more advanced ways to track time. Many independent contractors are also getting smart about tracking the time spent on certain jobs. TimeSheet Mobile’s newly updated app allows for easy punch-in and punch-out, geo-specific time accounting, and a built-in reminders system.

This kind of application can be customized to your requirements, and is a good example of how time-keeping in the sector is evolving in 2017. Getting familiar with it now will help you manage your time more efficiently.

Canadian Red Cross First Aid App – The Vital Role of Health and Safety

You will be required to undertake occupational health and safety training as a professional with a career in construction. There should be medical procedures in place at any site you are working at, but having an additional and trusted resources bank on-hand is always a good idea.

The official Canadian Red Cross Fist Aid app provides you with a full offline resource of emergency procedures, and is fully integrated with 911 in the case of an onsite incident. In an urgent scenario, it also provides simple, step-by-step medical instructions. This is arguably a highly important app to have in all situations, not just professional ones.

Canadian Electrical Code Interactive Standard – Essential for Construction College Students

For those students who are pursuing a career as an electrical and maintenance electrician through construction school, the Canadian electrical code will be a constant source of reference. All work carried out by an electrician in Canada must adhere to the stipulations of the code, which outlines strict rules as well as rationale regarding installation and maintenance.

This bulky code is now available as an interactive app from CSA Group complete with an essential search function, and scales to any mobile device. Trainee electricians will need to purchase a version of the code at some point, so opting for the better accessibility of the app version certainly justifies the price tag.

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