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Principles of Nutrition

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Course Description

The Principles of Nutrition course provides an introduction to the basic concepts related to nutrients in foods and their metabolic functions. The course will further focus on methods for assessing nutritional status and dietary adequacy, as well as its applications to phases of the human life cycle.


Prerequisite: None

Duration: 63 hours/14 weeks

Cost: $450 (includes access to all online materials and also offers access to iProfile Canadian 1.0. an easy-to-use diet and activity software program that will help you assess your current diet and exercise habits and assist you in determining ways to improve your nutritional profile.

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Course Schedule

Week 1: Nutrition: An Overview of our everyday Choices

Week 2: Nutritional Information and Guidelines for a Healthy Diet

Week 3: Relate the basic concepts of digestion and absorption.

Week 4: Identify the role of carbohydrates in a healthy diet.

Week 5: Identify the role of lipids, triglycerides, phospholipids, and cholesterol in the diet.

Week 6: Identify the role of protein in the body.

Week 7: Identify the role of Vitamins in the body.

Week 8: Identify the role of Water and Minerals in the body.

Week 9: Energy Balance and Weight Management

Week 10: Nutrition, Fitness and Physical Activity

Week 11: Nutrition during Pregnancy and Infancy

Week 12: Assess the nutritive requirements of healthy individuals throughout their lifecycle.

Week 13: Food Safety

Week 14: Feeding the World

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