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Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology



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Course Description

This course is intended specifically for students who will be required to have a working knowledge of medical vocabulary as it is related to medical records and reports, laboratory findings, and general communication in health care settings. This course is designed to be used as a stand-alone medical terminology course that thoroughly and comprehensively covers the essential word parts and terms used in healthcare.




Duration: 50 hours

Cost: $450 (includes access to all online materials necessary to complete this course)

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Course Schedule

Medical Terminology Online modules include:

Module 1: Introduction to Healthcare Terminology

Module 2: Body Structure and Directional Terminology

Module 3: Musculoskeletal System

Module 4: Integumentary System

Module 5: Gastrointestinal System

Module 6: Urinary System

Module 7: Male Reproductive System

Module 8: Female Reproductive System

Module 9: Blood, Lymphatic, and Immune Systems

Module 10: Cardiovascular System

Module 11: Respiratory System

Module 12: Nervous System

Module 13: Mental and Behavioral Health

Module 14: Eye and Ear

Module 15: Endocrine System

Module 16: Oncology

Module 17: Pharmacology

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