“To service with excellence the needs of our community and the needs of our graduates by matching skills”


Medix College Overview

For over 40 years Medix College has been providing industry leading healthcare career training for those looking to become medical professionals. Currently Medix College has six (6) campuses across Ontario with each of them featuring state-of-the-art facilities.

Medix College believes in helping students achieve quality education quickly. All of our students receive hands-on, practical courses designed to quickly get you started on your chosen career path. We are committed to individuals seeking career-oriented programs leading directly to a successful career! Medix is the clear choice for those looking to change their life today, in addition, Medix College also provides online certificate programs to aid you in your quest to have the career you’ve always wanted.

With the introduction part-time programs plus a range of online courses it’s now easier than ever to develop new skills and interests without disrupting your home, work or family commitments. If you’ve ever wanted to develop additional skills and interests, but never had the time, Medix College’s part-time programs are for you! Look though our part-time programs for affordable courses that will fit with into your busy lifestyle, enhance your career and help you live life to the fullest.

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The Programs

Medix College provides training in healthcare diploma programs preparing students for the growing healthcare industry in Canada. The objective of the program training is to equip the students with the most current theory and practical training necessary to become successful healthcare professionals.

The curriculum relies on two fundamental principles; firstly, teach to foster an understanding of the material versus memorization of the material, and secondly, allowing the students to process information through practical experience. Practical experience is provided to our students through laboratories and an opportunity to shadow experienced workers in the field. Each campus has its own set of programs, which run throughout the year.