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The HVAC Technician program at North American Trade Schools at the London and Brampton campuses provides technical training for individuals looking for a rewarding career working within the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) industry.

Students will have the opportunity to write their G3 Gas technician exam after completing the first module. After completing the program, students will then be able to write their G2 Gas technician exam.


What career opportunities are available to graduates of the HVAC Technician Program?

  • HVAC Maintenance Technicians
  • HVAC Installers
  • Heating and Ventilation Technicians
  • HVAC Service Technicians
  • HVAC Maintenance Assistant


HVAC is heating, ventilation and air conditioning for residential, industrial and commercial applications.

An HVAC technician is a gas technician who is responsible for heating, applying ventilation, air conditioning, residence, commercial buildings or industrial buildings.

An HVAC technician would be responsible for installing, servicing and repairing HVAC equipment.

You can become an HVAC technician by attending the program here at North American Trade Schools where you can be a certified gas technician after one year of study.

An HVAC technician is the heart of all trades, it will open up a plumbing apprenticeship, air conditioning apprenticeship, major appliance servicing apprenticeship, sheet metal apprenticeship, pipe fitter, installer or a service/maintenance technician.


Where do graduates of the HVAC Technician work?

  • Residential Service Companies
  • Regions and Municipalities
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Private Contracting Companies
  • Engineering firms/Consulting Companies


What are common job tasks for individuals working in the Home Renovation Technician field?

  • Installing, replacing and maintaining heat pumps, air conditioners, heating and ventilation systems.
  • Preforming scheduled preventative maintenance of HVAC equipment.
  • Documentation of space conditions including the utilities, roof and HVAC or a property.
  • Maintain heating and air conditioning systems, boilers, pumps, fan units, control panels, and thermostats.
  • Read and interpret work orders to perform required maintenance and service.


I am studying HVAC, I'm gonna be a technician. I am a technician right now because I passed my G3.

I chose North American Trade Schools because it's a hands-ons school. They teach you what you need to know and then you go out and apply your knowledge in the lab.

There is a lot of skilled technicians that you learn from; there is probably two hundred years worth of experience here, yo uleanr form the best. They have the experience, they have the know how. You learn what you can from them, and apply it in the trade.

In five years, I see myself a fully licensed technician, probably on the natural gas pipeline, to get it from where it is, to my hometown and retrofit every furnice in my hometown."


How can the career services department help you get a job?

North American Trade Schools offers an extensive career services department with a representative assisting you to become a better job candidate from the moment you begin your program. Your career services representative will help you improve your resume, develop interview skills and guide you through the job search process.

Taking the HVAC Technician program at North American Trade Schools enables students to learn the technical skills required in the HVAC Technician field at a much faster pace than if they were learning through on the job training. Graduates learn a diverse skill set which will not only help them gain employment, but excel in their new profession.

North American Trade Schools also provides an employment advantage as we have established relationships with many employers in the field. As a result, employers in the field contact us before posting jobs to the general public giving current students and graduates of the program an advantage in the hiring process.

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