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Career Opportunities: Welder, Welder Fitter, Trainee Apprentice, Welder Apprentice, Boilermaker and more.

HVAC Technician

Career Opportunities: HVAC Maintenance Technicians, HVAC Installers Heating and Ventilation Technicians, HVAC Service Technicians, HVAC Maintenance Assistant.

Home Renovation Technician

Career Opportunities: Carpenter’s Assistant, Aluminum/Vinyl Siding Installer, Construction Worker, Building Maintenance, Roofing Assistant, Plumbing Apprenticeship, Carpentry Apprenticeship.


Career Opportunities: Cabinetmaker, Cabinet Installer, Store Fixtures Construction and Installation, Architectural Millwork, Cabinetmaking Apprentice.

Solar Energy Technician

Career Opportunities: Solar Energy Maintenance Technician, Solar Energy Installer, Solar Assembler, Solar PV Designer, Solar PV Sales Professional, Solar Consultant.

Construction & Maintenance Electrician

Career Opportunities: Electrical Control Assembler, Electrical Instrument Repairer, Electrical Technician, Electrical Distribution, Apprentice Electrician, Electrical Service Technician

Joseph Cherry
Joseph Cherry
05:05 10 Sep 23
The HVAC program at NATS spans 55 weeks of day classes, leading to G3 & G2 gasfitter licenses along with ODP certification. The cost is nearly $20,000. In comparison, similar courses at Fanshawe and other competing colleges run for two years during night classes and cost approximately $4,000. I believe NATS is a better fit if you already have field experience and desire quick licensure or have family commitments. Conversely, if you're young, inexperienced, and wish to gain field experience alongside your studies, Fanshawe might be a better choice. I highly suggest doing your own research, and weighing the pros and cons of each school, deciding which is ultimately best for you.NATS places a significant emphasis on hands-on learning, with nearly half of class time spent in the lab, a vital aspect of trade education. Additionally, the HVAC program equips you with a very generous set of quality tools.So far I’ve only had the pleasure of learning from Dave & Brian, so I am only able to speak on them at the time of writing.Dave takes a highly personalized approach to teaching, emphasizing the importance of building strong student-teacher relationships. While some might interpret this as "hand-holding," it's actually a testament to his dedication to his students' success. Dave goes the extra mile to ensure that struggling students grasp the material, offering guidance and support without simply handing out answers. His teaching style encourages self-discovery and critical thinking, which are essential skills in any field.Brian, on the other hand, brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and wisdom to the classroom. In his late 70s, he has an accomplished career history as a G1, master electrician, engineer, and business owner. Brian's teaching style also emphasizes a personal connection with his students, often using storytelling to provide depth and context to course materials. These anecdotes enhance the learning experience, making complex concepts more relatable and memorable.Together, Dave and Brian exemplify effective teaching methods that go beyond traditional instruction, fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment.I am happy with my decision to attend NATS and I am confident in my “Cracker Jack box” education.
Nathan Locke
Nathan Locke
23:47 01 Jan 23
I'm in the welding program right now and I'm half way threw and already have all my tickets that will help me get jobs in what I want to do, great place for a welding course one down side I would like them to teach the students how to use measuring devices more. I had job experience but can tell not every one who's enrolled have the same experience before hand. But still great school for welding
newton njeru
newton njeru
02:29 07 Oct 22
Great school to be at. Very helpful staff members
22:46 06 Oct 22
Tanner Corrigan
Tanner Corrigan
15:11 16 Aug 22
Lots of information
Sarah Barr
Sarah Barr
19:12 01 Mar 22
I strongly recommend NATS. I am currently taking the Home Renovation Technician program and it's fantastic.